Friday, April 6, 2012

One Pallet in One Store in One Town...

My grocery store of choice, Sprouts, is fairly cool. Sure they have their things I would love them to change... plastic bags at the bulk area, for instance. Why not have a scale to tare the containers we can bring in ourselves? And I can't wait for them to stop offering plastic bags altogether at checkout, or at least charge for them. But generally, they offer great prices on cool things, not at all like the prices at Whole Foods (and nicers employees and cooler clientele), and their butcher case with responsible, sustainable product is wonderful. (That's how I got my husband hooked on going there!) I'll miss it when I move away.

But then, standing in lined to check out, I just have to shake my head. Here sits a pallet of water. Pricey water in plastic bottles. Pointless water in plastic bottles.

This stuff is called Hint, because it has just a hint of fruit flavor. Great. Fine. It's not soda, it's not fake-tasting, it's all good stuff. Like WAA-TAH but for adults. Because, you know, we just have to have water to drink and that stuff from our own filters just isn't chic enough. Or something. This is so convenient. $18-22 for a 12-pack??? GIVE ME A BREAK. We PAY this much just for the great pleasure of polluting the planet?

Yeah yeah yeah, you throw the bottles in recycling bins. I've covered that. Yeah yeah this is much lighter to ship therefore saves fossil fuels. Uh huh. And how about the fossil fuels that go into making the plastic? Hmmmmmm????

I was unaware of this brand because I never go down that aisle of bottled stupidity. But here it was in front of me. Look at that picture. I took it with my phone. It is the actual stack in Sprouts. That is one pallet in one store in one town in one county in one state. THINK about it. Think about how this stuff sat in warehouses and shipping trucks etc, in the heat, leaching plastic chemicals. I fail to see any sense or logic in purchasing any of this, especially considering the price tag. What is it going to take to stop this madness? How much do we have to know before we stop?

If you have an answer to that, I sure would love to know.