Monday, February 17, 2014

EveryDrop Counts

Here's a product I'm in love with and I haven't even held one of them yet!

As I refuse to buy bottled water, I have a filter on my faucet on our kitchen sink. I'm used to it. I don't really like it, it's a Pur, I find it cumbersome and in the way and slow and most of all expensive to replace the filters. Plus, I feel wasteful throwing away the filters, but there is nothing else to do with them. I've pondered the Brita pitcher, I actually look at them every time I have to go buy new Pur filters. I don't like those either. They take too long to fill and are also cumbersome. And there's that time when you'll be waiting some water and there will be like half an inch fro the last person who neglected to fill it. So there's that. And it's also a lot of plastic. It seemed like the faucet-mount was the best way to go, despite the drawbacks.

So I really like the concept of this little guy. Yes, it's made from plastic, so there are some in my circles who would automatically nix it. I will not. It's much smaller than a pitcher. I think it has a certain simple elegance to it. If it were made of glass or something heavier, it might be too slippery - you are using it with water after all.

EveryDrop, by Whirlpool. Yeah, the big appliance guys. I was pretty instantly hooked with their cool website, 'cuz I'm all visual that way! It's very informative and thorough. I was ready to run out and buy one after browsing. Good job, web-dev-dude.(

You are still going to end up throwing away filters, of course, but they are worlds smaller than those giant beasts in the faucet-mount filter. If you have a nice faucet, you don't want to stick one of those things on it anyway. And ours has leaked from Day 1, even with plumbers' tape. Annoying. Couldn't be bothered to take it off to return it. And I'm always crashing into it. I also can't help having a sneaking suspicion that one day I will turn on the water and the thing will just explode off my faucet, scaring all living creatures in the house including me and spraying water all over Creation. Somehow, I don't get that feeling looking at this!

I picture this sitting quietly out of the way until it is needed. I see being able to take it on trips, so I can actually drink and use the water in hotel rooms. Heck, you know me, I would even take it to people's homes for gatherings, so I don't have to drink bottled water! Is this tiny? No - I wouldn't throw it in my purse. Well, I might be tempted, actually. Be it's definitely portable - your faucet-mount or stupid pitcher is NOT. I find this to be a product whose time has come. With this, you have almost no excuse to not use your tap. Oh the money you will save! Well, you have an excuse if your local water supply has been ruined by Clean Coal or fracking, but I think most of us are OK so far.

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on one of these. I know it will last a nice long time, so I don't worry about the plastic aspect as much. Plus the filters are a much better price point than those Pur and Brita gargantuan hulks. (I cringe so badly when I have to buy them. Seriously. Can't stand it.) I'm getting one ASAP. Then I'm a-gonna go all Office-Space-Fax-Machine-Scene on that farkin' Pur faucet-mount. Want me to do video of that when I do?