Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mints Work Too

I can't wait for the first time one of these goes through the laundry.

In a long line of "we really don't need that" products, in comes one of the most inane wastes of plastic I have ever seen. And we have seen a lot, haven't we? Scope To Go Mouthwash from our friends over at P&G.

These ridiculous little doohickeys fit in your pocket! "Just bend, snap and swish!" They forgot litter, pollute, and poison. For the car! For the purse! On the go! I'm pretty sure this wasn't a niche that needed to be filled. But they made it, and people will buy. 

Dollars to donuts there is not recycling code on them. Besides, it's REDUCE, reuse, recycle. Reduce as in, don't buy in the first place. I can see the person using this is one of those already using those floss picks, those kind that look like little cheese slicers? If people used these after every meal they had out, or at work, or at school... just think how that would add up. Millions of little waste packages in a month. And if you are that on the go, where do you spit?

I've heard popping a mint helps. Some even come in eco-friendly packaging. 

These are pretty self-speaking, I can't really add anything more to their idiocy. I am sure, however, that I will run into people who JUST LOVE them!!! I'll go hang out at Wal-Mart and watch them buy one of these packages that have 4 in them, and that's all they buy, and get it in a plastic bag. Doubled. Cuz bags are thin. And we need them for garbage. And besides, we take them back to the store cuz they get recycled right???

Uh huh. Yeah. Right.