Monday, April 9, 2012

Air So Clean You Can Smell It

Should you smell air?

You can smell fresh air and clean air and pine-tree air and air right after it rains... but should you be able to smell air because you just sprayed a bunch of Lysol around? I saw an ad for Lysol where some chick was blithely spraying chemicals all over everything in her home. Including her kid's teddy bear. You know, because she was disinfecting it. Cuz it's germy. Ewww. Lysol Neutra-Air kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria.

Umm... you realize that means it kills all good bacteria too, right? I mean. it doesn't actually discriminate. It doesn't know. So when it says it kills 99.9%, that means it's killing good AND bad. And we really need good bacteria around. It keeps us balanced and healthy. You know what's not healthy? Killing off all bacteria. Oh, and buying bottle after bottle of product. You know who the sicker people usually are? The germaphobes. Because they've reduced their resistance to nothing.

This is the same company that has the touchless soap dispenser, because, you know, somehow it makes sense to some people out there that you shouldn't touch the soap dispenser even though you are washing your hands right then and there AFTER you touch it.

It's all well and fine for you in your home you say, but, excuse me, please, you are disinfecting MY world, too. You are creating superbugs and super drug-resistant bacteria in MY world because YOU are so afraid of germs that you are ironically creating even worse and stronger germs.

That is so ironic that it would crack me up, if it were remotely funny.

Here's a hint (and I don't mean bottled water): if it is a large corporation/company/conglomeration., they do not care about your health. They are not interested in your child's well-being. They do not care if you house is clean or fresh-smelling as a fake mountain spring. Psst.... they are trying to make money from you by playing on your fears. Stop. Letting. Them.

Wake up. It's April Fresh because it's April and it just rained, not because the chemicals tell you it is. I mean, where did they even get that smell?

I don't think I want to know.