Monday, April 30, 2012

Applesauce on the Go

Packets of applesauce kids just squeeze into their mouth? How fun! Me: What do you do with the package when finished? Them: We're partnered with TerraCycle, have you heard of them? Me: Yes, actually, they are a great company, that's cool.

I take a sample and walk on. I'm far from sold, but, you know, I play it all cool. For the next few days, I just stare at it. Should I try it? 100% fruit, no refined sugar. No spoon, no mess! No preservatives, no artificial flavors, no gluten, dairy, nut, or even BPA.

After pondering this product for days, I finally pop the little sealed yellow cap and squeeze. It's a little fun. I feel like a kid. I can see how this would appeal to kids. Apple-Banana. So much more fun than a boring old REAL banana. And eww when you cut an apple they get all brown by lunch.

Tasty? Eh. It somehow tasted fake even though all it is, is real ingredients. Maybe I'm just spoiled by knowing what a real apple should taste like, or applesauce made right in my very own crock pot. Maybe I've never had apple and banana mixed together. Maybe I just don't want it to taste great? Maybe some of the other flavors are better? Do kids like these??? Of course they do. They're FUN!

So... yay or nay? Well, nay of course. Duh - don't you know me by now??? TerraCycle is great, but are they getting every single GoGo pack when it's done? Or is it sometimes just easier to throw it away? Sometimes? I mean, sometimes you just are not near a TerraCycle can. Sometimes, just sometimes, a garbage can is much handier. It's just a little thing. One won't hurt anything.

Until you realize how that scenario plays out a million times or so.

Hip, cool, trendy, convenient, no mess no fuss... whatever. I'll never understand. I'll never get why, if you plan on having a family, that you don't realize everything will be harder, messier, and more time-consuming, but the whole point is that your progeny are able to have a nice place to live, too. I mean, who says, yeah, I want to have kids so they can grow up on a ruined planet and their kids can have cancer? When we don't pay attention to what we KNOW is happening around us, I feel like that is exactly what we are saying.

Are these GoGos ruining the planet? Of course not. It's the mentality that is behind them that is.

Give the kid a damn real apple already. Only, be careful, it was probably force-ripened on its way to you because it's not in season where you live. Just because this product is All Natural doesn't mean it's All Good.