Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soy, Everywhere

I had a great guest on my radio show the other week that opened my eyes just a little wider. I feel pretty knowledgeable about *stuff* in general, but every now and then I learn something, too.

Did you know some people are allergic to soy? Did you know it's a big problem? Did you know soy is in the majority of what you eat, drink, even touch???

Take a listen to the show here:  with my guest Kathy Kotteras. She was full of great, if not kind of horrifying, information.

Soy allergies and intolerance can cause eczema, hives, asthma, allergic rhinitis, anaphylactic shock, and digestive problems. Soy is a top 8 allergen.

This is all information before you even THINK about the fact that soy is huge in the GMOs. Soy, soy everywhere. It's in more things that you would even begin to think. Even the meat YOU eat, eats soy.

It gets me to thinking... is something like soy allergy on the rise because we ARE genetically modifying it? My personal resounding answer is a "Hell, yes." Would we be OK with soy if we weren't messing around with Mother Nature's recipe? I suspect this is the case. Mess with Nature and she gets pissy. And I don't blame her.

Whatever the case, I suspect we are only seeing the very beginning of a big big problem. Tune in to the show when you have the time, and learn something startling. Oh, and SPREAD THE WORD!!!