Friday, June 25, 2010

Sometimes I Cheat...

...but not really!

Today, instead of my usual no-shampoo baking soda method, followed by my lovely apple cider vinegar, I used shampoo. Yes, I confess. Of course, in my defense, it was shampoo I already had. Sometimes the greenest product is the one you have.

I have a bunch of little bottles from hotels and such. Now, should I just throw them all out? Absolutely not! What would that accomplish? If we already have it, we may as well use it. Sometimes, you can give it away so someone else can make use of it. But, it's here, it should be used. And using it keeps a new product from needing to be produced. We hope.

So anyway, I used some wonderful Cedar Wood and Spanish Borage Oil shampoo that is no longer made, which is why I have valued every little bottle I still had from before. My hair feels great and the rich lather was a unique treat... but wow. I have short hair, as you know, so it's not in my face, but after using no-smell stuff for so long, ALL I can SMELL is my HAIR!!!! Luckily, it's a very yummy smell.

The lesson here? Well, 1) use what you have. Emptying bottles down the drain to use something greener, isn't always green. Use it or give it away. 2) Be warned: when you get used to less smells, those ones you never noticed before are going to get you in a big way!