Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pizza Goes the Wrong Direction

What's "Unbelievable" about this new product by Red Baron isn't the taste, as they claim, it's the waste.

Frozen pizza isn't THE most environmentally-friendly food out there, what with all the wrapping and preservatives, etc... making you own even with store-bought dough or crust is much better... but I get the appeal. I'm not knocking the entire industry. But Red Baron has unveiled "Pizza by the SLICE" microwave pizza. The picture I saw in the ad made me suspicious of how much unnecessary packaging was going into this thing. Sure enough, each slice is encased in plastic wrap and comes in its own super-special crisping 3-sided tray. Now, I don't claim to be a genius or anything, but that seems like a whole lotta waste for the small payoff of ONE single piece of pizza. 

I guess we can be thankful that this product would not be embraced by large families... this should be more of a snack for single people or office workers. But, no. There nothing about this product that makes me want to feel thankful. This is a definite "REJECT!" product. Do not buy this for an easy snack for the kids, do not buy this for your lunch at your desk, do not buy this to have at home for those quick munchies. Send a message to the frozen pizza peeps, and send a message to Red Baron that this is not the direction in which to be going. This is exactly opposite of the directing in which we should be going.

Just sayin'. Please eat something else. Slap an English muffin or bagel in the toaster oven with some sauce and some cheese on it. Anything but this astronomical gastronomical fail.