Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green Witch Rule

Eventually, I shall number these and collect them all in one place. For now, enjoy them as they trickle out of my brain.

Green Witch Rule: If it pops out pre-moistened from a plastic container, you can do without it.

I hear you. I do. I appreciate that you feel like germs are everywhere, waiting to kill you and your family. But guess what? It's not that bad. I live a peaceful existence without super-warfare on germs, bugs and bacteria. I do not get sick all the time. No more than you, really. I KNOW they're convenient, I know you like the smell, I know you fear e.coli will come up and attack you in your sleep. I know your kids get dirty when you all are out, and you like to rub them down with these chemical-filled sheets of landfill-fodder. I know you can't be bothered to grab a real cloth when you are crazy-busy and hectic, and the single-use pop-up sheets are just so darned easy to use... I know, I know. Shhh. Simmer down, it's OK.

But you know what? You have fallen prey to advertisers and companies that WANT you to live in fear, because if you live in fear, they can continue being rich. They are happy to offer you the ease of disposability. More than happy.

Next time you find yourself reaching for ANY of these products, can you please stop for a few seconds and ask yourself if you really need them? Isn't there a way you can cut back on them? You can wean yourself off, you don't have to go cold-turkey. Really. I won't judge.

Yeah, OK, maybe a little. But not out loud.