Friday, June 25, 2010

Be a Good Green Friend

The Good Green Witch gets DOWN sometimes.

When I go for awhile without blogging, you can bet I'm trying to figure out my place in this world. Is it too late? Have we gone too far? What difference am I making?

Then someone slaps me and I'm OK again. :)

I got to thinking about how it goes when we look around at our friends and acquaintances. Sure, we get driven crazy by their not-so-green ways. But how to effect a change without ending up with no friends? I'll throw some tips out there, and feel free to comment with how YOU cope!

- Your friend constantly has a single-use bottle. Easy solution: instead of lecturing them for the millionth time, buy them a great re-use bottle that is perfectly suited to their personality and they'll just love! If that doesn't do it, get them a filter for their home faucet. They're very easy to put on. You can make it a fun birthday gift if you really try. Hahahahha.

- Your friend is a smoker. Yes, you can tell them until you are blue in the face how bad it is. They aren't going to stop. What can you do? Give them the gift of a Zippo-type lighter or some other refillable kind. Then they aren't throwing away (and constantly losing!) cheap plastic lighters. Besides, giving them this gift will mean a lot more to them than nagging about quitting. They MIGHT just be more willing to listen to you next time...

-Your friend uses plastic bags. This is an easy one. Of course, if you give them some reusable bags, they'll just forget them in the car or leave them at home, right? Well, get your purse-carrying-type friend the cool little ones that fold up inside themselves and travel nicely in any purse.

A gift is a great way to get people on your side; you don't even have to say anything. Make your actions speak for you!