Monday, May 7, 2012

Something Fishy About My Seaweed

Yes, it tastes just a little... fishy. But day-yum I am hooked on roasted seaweed. Love the stuff. I could eat it all day every day. Like the SeaSnax brand says, "Strangely Addictive!" It really is. When I open a bag of those, it takes restraint to not eat the whole thing in one sitting.

What I do not love are the "grab 'n' go" packs that every single company insists on making. If you've seen these snacks, you know exactly of what I speak. The packs are amazingly inexpensive and easy to just pick up as you head to check out. And they all have those stupid plastic trays in them. Every last brand. Is that really necessary? Is it that if they weren't in cute little trays, they would get too crushed?  SeaSnax makes a wonderful bag of larger flat sheets. Love them. Sure they come in a bag still, but no plastic tray. Oh, sure, not nearly as convenient. I see the problem.

I got to meet the guy in charge of SeaSnax. The Chief Cook, as it says on his business card. Yes, at the Natural Products Expo. Great event, have I mentioned it before? I flat-out asked him why those silly trays were necessary. Couldn't we do without them, or use some other product than plastic? Or do without them? (Yeah I know I already said it, it just seems like that is a feasible and reasonable thing.) He seemed... sad. I don't think he was expecting that question from anyone at the show, but seemed like he had wrestled with the same question. See, these guys are just a small outfit from right here in Los Angeles. It's a niche food, for sure. They have to tow the line, do what they need to do to sell their product amid hearty competition. He indicated that no matter what he might thing is good and might want, he has to go with what the almighty marketing people say. He has to do what the consumers want, and the marketing people say the consumers want the cute little trays. It would actually save them money to not use them, BUT...

I find this beyond sad.

I think we are lost. I think we are not going to see the light. I think it's too late and that not enough people are listening.

Meanwhile, I got the impression from this great guy that they were indeed working on something and that I would like it but that he couldn't quite talk about it yet. Trade secrets, and all, I think. So, I'm waiting. I hope I like it. I love these things but generally do not buy them, because I refuse to buy those trays, no matter how great a deal they are. 99 cents? Oh so tempting! What a price! but I will NOT. I just can't and so I won't. I'll be waiting to see what they come up with for my new favorite snack. Meanwhile... kale chips? Yeah, I can try that! You? If you must have these, please get the larger SeaSnax sheets (http://seasnax,com), stay away from those senseless useless plastic trays. Them SeaSnax are yummy.

You know, until the radiation from Fukushima makes this food impossible to obtain...