Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's the Protocol?

So there's this person, let's say... let's say it's, oh, me. Yeah. So I have my household. I have my beliefs. I have things I use and don't use. We sometimes have guests. Not often right now. Maybe more when we have a house back East. Right now it's mostly during football season that we have anyone over. The question comes up in my mind, do I have the right in my home to impose my beliefs on my guests?

I mean, sure, there are standard things you make sure are OK... if your guests are vegan, you aren't going to force them to eat meat. You make sure to provide filtered drinking water, not bottles. (That would be silly.) If you prefer cloth napkins, you make sure they have clean acceptable ones at hand.

But what about... Kleenex??? I think it's a good question. I do not keep any form of facial tissue, especially Kleenex brand, in our home. We use hankies. Therefore, I never buy them and never even think about buying them. But what about guests? What if they should need one? It happens. Is it completely rude if I don't have one to offer them? Do I say, "Go use toilet paper." Is it their responsibility to make sure THEY have one when they leave their home, if there is danger of their sneezing? What would they do if they were in a park or something, instead of my home? They would be SOL, right? Am I responsible for their nose? Or am I just responsible for my beliefs and practices, neither of which include Kleenex?

This would never have been an issue of tissue before, since dads all carried hankies and women kept a dainty hankie in her purse, until convenient purse packs for tissues came along.

This was just a quick welcome-to-my-brain. Had to get it out. I know, I think too much. Would that the vast majority of people had that problem, rather than too few. Thanks for being part of the few with me.