Friday, May 28, 2010

Good Rule of Thumb: if "disposable" is in the name....

DON'T use it!!!

There are obvious exceptions that we can't avoid. But we're intelligent people, and I'll not dwell on those things. I'm talking more things that we use for the supposed convenience, when really, the non-throw-away alternative is not so terribly un-convenient. There are things that are made to be disposable, but when you have a non-disposable alternative, why not use that instead?

The main things that come to mind are disposable razors. Why use these? Because they are cheap? I know razor refills are pricey, but if you break it down, they last a lot longer than the cheap-o plastic things. I'm Italian, therefore I am hairy, and Italian hair ain't no fuzzy soft downy stuff. It's resistant. But I can make that razor head last a LONG time with no major blood-lets. And I use coupons and I stock up when they are on sale. Heck, you can buy them on eBay at a reduced price. Disposable razors are a very big waste of plastic, and they are not needed. Stick to the much much smaller bit of waste in the razors with replaceable heads. 

Forks, knives, spoons? Easy to avoid. ESPECIALLY in the home. For outdoor activities, get bamboo utensils or hit the thrift store and get a set you won't care about if any gets lost. I can't quite recommend the compostable ones, unless you are a really good composter. They resemble plastic too much and they get in the recycling, and we're not good at dealing with that yet. Better to reuse a set from the thrift store, for sure. Those were already made!

Paper napkins? Cloth instead. Kleenex? Hankies instead. Paper towels? Real towels and rags instead. Paper plates? Covered that last time. Dixie cups in the bathroom? Unnecessary. Wash a reusable one. Plastic wrap? Foil instead. Or containers. 

There are SO many ways we can save resources. Easing away (or going cold turkey) on disposable stuff would be such a giant help... let's try it. Let's all work on consuming less of everything. We'll be healthier, and the planet will be healthier, and that will make us healthier... it's a perfect circle.