Friday, May 14, 2010

Green Products by Non-Green Companies, To Buy or Not to Buy?

Every company out there is making a "green" option product. Dish detergent? We have our old stand-by's but oh here's an Earth-friendly option! Laundry detergent? Cleaners? All of them are jumping on the band wagon. Do they care about the Earth? Snort. Of course not. Do they care about profit? Why, yes of course. That's why they are in business, after all. Do they think they can scam some money from the green movement with a little bit of greenwashing? Hell yeah! Are their products really any greener? Well, let's see.

Palmolive, under Colgate, has a new Pure + Clear dishwashing liquid. "No Unnecessary Chemicals", they say. Hmm. What do we deem necessary chemicals? I looked at the list of ingredients, and it still seems to have plenty of chemicals. That aside... does this one product make up for all the other products Colgate manufactures that all still have the "unnecessary" chemicals? And if they aren't necessary in one product, why are there necessary in all the others? I don't get it. And I don't fall for it. You'd think with a pleasant name like Palmolive, two nice trees, they'd be a little better at this.

These companies seem to think that they can just take the color out and make something clear and VOILA suddenly we're led to believe it's oh-so-much better for the planet. And we'll fall for it. And sometimes we do. I say, let's not. Just because a company makes ONE "green" product, that does not excuse all the other products they continue to make.

Best to look for companies that actually dedicate their entire model to being Earth-friendly. There are plenty and more are coming out every day. As we continue to buy those products instead, the prices will come down, and these other super-companies will get the idea that we ain't fallin' fer their line 'o greenwashing no mo'! It's easy to do your part. Just talk with your dollars and your buying habits.