Thursday, January 28, 2010

World's Worst Product Goes to....

When it comes to needless pointless most wasteful product ever, I can't see much beyond the Colgate Wisp. (Copyright-patent-registration-trademark-whatever stuff inserted here.)

 Here's a great quote directly from their website:

Q: "Can I use it more than once?"
A: "No, it is not recommended. Colgate WISP is designed for a single use. Keep in mind, each pack comes with four brushes, so you can freshen up multiple times a day."

(Oh... all those bolds and italics and colors are theirs. Not mine.)

OH GOODY!!!! So not only are these designed to be used ONCE then thrown away, they are encouraging me to use MULTIPLE ONES per DAY!!! WOW! Think of all the packaging I'm going through on TOP of that! That's so cool!!!!

Yeah, no it's not.

It's discreet! It doesn't need water! It's plastic!!!

This product actually horrifies me. I completely fail to see the point. Someone once told me it's great for travelers in other countries because sometimes the water is sketchy and it's nice to brush with these. OK... MAYBE that's a TINY remote pass on these things; but, really, we've managed without them for centuries, so I'm gonna say no. Too evil for the good of the planet.

Besides, they market these things to the cool peeps out in clubs. "Oh my gosh, I need fresh breath NOW!!!" Ever hear of gum? Mints?? Mouthwash????? Even those breathstrips are less of a waste of plastic than these things! During my braces phase a few years back, I had serious yuk-mouth a lot. I took to carrying around a small travel-glass bottle of mouthwash. It did the trick, and I just refilled it when needed.

I'm just sayin'. The less waste, the better. Yes, mints come in containers that get thrown away. But think about the ratio of product to packaging, and pick according to that. I'll say it again and again: if we reject these products, if we DO NOT BUY them, the companies will get the hint and stop making them and no other competitors will come out with their own version.

Stop. Think. Shop... smarter.