Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Resolution Revolutions

In my recent radio show, my good friend Michelle GreenCoach Carroll came in and we chatted about New Years' resolutions. We quickly decided it should be a year and decade of Revolution instead of resolution. Maybe it was because Michelle couldn't get the word "resolution" out, but hey, we liked it and it works.

We spoke of making your goals measurable and attainable. When you can measure your success, you have more of a chance of continuing.

That's well and fine and great, and I will stick to some of those, but one goal I want to hit will be difficult to measure. I want to be more positive. I want to look around to see the good instead of the overwhelming bad that exists in this world. That's really kind of nebulous and near impossible to track my progress, but I'd like to try anyway. I get weighed down by the enormity of the tasks at hand, and by the ignorance and apathy of so many of those around me. I realize, though, that all I can really do is try my best to inform and educate. And then I have to change MY outlook. I can change myself; I cannot change others, only lead them by example and hope they can change themselves.

It's far from easy. I'm frequently far from hopeful. So, I'll try to change that. Maybe the best way to track that is to write down how many negative vs. positive thoughts I have in a given day. Maybe I can make a revolution in my head after all.

Oh... and if you missed it, check out that radio show here: We had quite a good time! And maybe you can get some ideas from us in between laughs.