Sunday, January 17, 2010


So, it's Sunday, and to me that means football. Wait... no... I meant coupons. Yes, part of my Sunday ritual is getting the paper and going through coupons. I used to clip a lot more. Now, I find, a lot of those products are things I've discovered I don't really need/use anymore.

I have started to look through the Sunday coupons with a much more discerning eye. Sure, that's $2 off, but do I really NEED it? A lot of times if a product has lots of extra packaging, I'll decide I don't really need to try that product. Paper towels? Don't use 'em enough to bother. Paper napkins? Nope. Shampoo??? No. Deodorant? Nope. I have greener alternatives to those products.

That got me to thinking... this week is a good week to talk about unnecessary "things" we have accepted without much thought into our lives. I'm going to look over some of these things that we use every day, and see if I can't point out some other better products, or even plant some doubt if we need the items in question at all. It's time to be wiser as consumers. If we demand better, we can get better. If we start rejecting stupid packaging, then manufacturers will stop the waste. It's the power oof our dollars. We can do this. It's up to us, and we HAVE the power to make the change. BE the change.

Stay tuned! And as always, chime in with your ideas, experiences, thoughts, etc!