Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Medicine... Anytime, Anywhere!

To even begin talking about the new crop of single-serving super-convenient no-muss-no-fuss on-the-run go-anywhere over-the-counter medicines, I have to put aside the logical thinking that, if you are or beginning to feel sick, you can just take something on the go and continue working/shopping/hiking/whatever. It's hard for me to put logic aside. If we were all ruled a bit more by logic, we'd be a lot better off. To me, logic dictates that you get yourself the hell home and in bed if you feel you are coming down with something. Society would rather we pop some meds and keep going, keep being productive, keep running the rat race. I cry out, WHY????

So, yeah, I have to choke all that back down and stuff it back into my brain where logic lives but doesn't get out to exercise much anymore... to focus on the other point: needless plastic waste. Feel a cough coming on? No worries! It's OK that you don't have insurance and can't make it to the doctor, or that you have to stay at work because the economy sucks and you have to hold onto your job through sickness (it's OK to spread the germs, too, because we have products to kill germs too and antibacterial hand stuff in more little plastic containers) (but I digress), because you can just whip out the little plastic spoon with the perfect dose in it, and then throw the little plastic spoon away and wait til you need the next dose. It's far too messy and cumbersome to carry an entire BOTTLE of stuff anywhere, since you HAVE to keep going with your life, rather than take a needed day of rest keeping your germs to yourself (how foolhardy is THAT??). This is one of those times I have to ask, do we NEED this product? This is when I say, REJECT what these companies are trying to sell. If we do not buy into these so-called conveniences they are peddling, they won't make more. This isn't a necessity. It's some marketing scheme someone came up with in a desperate attempt to keep their job and seem cool and cutting-edge and somehow get above other companies. We need to tell them this is not the way, and we do not want it. We realize we don't need this kind of waste in the world. We can send this message.

Concious consumerism. If we don't stand up to reject these things, they will never stop. It's up to us.