Monday, January 18, 2010

1) Individually-wrapped Produce

Most fruit already comes in its own container. If you see a banana IN another container then shrink-wrapped, RUN. Wait, no, don't run... first find anyone in charge at that store and make your concerns well-known. And point out you will not feel the need to shop there until they change their suppliers. USE YOUR DOLLARS. Make change by spending money wisely. Then run. To a different store.

My biggest pet peeve by far on this is individually-wrapped prunes. Oh... sometimes they call them dried plums. Because that has more sex appeal. Or something. Anyway. No one but NO one needs these things wrapped in their own cellophane. If you can't have your prunes touching other prunes in the package, do the planet a favor and just skip eating prunes. If your prunes just aren't staying fresh enough for you in between prune snacking, see previous suggestion. If you think your kids will eat them more readily because they seem like candy when they are individually wrapped... see previous comment. Prunes are wonderful, I love prunes, I think they are delicious and healthy. But DO NOT EVER buy those ones that are sealed in their own little plastic coffins. If we stop buying them, Sun Sweet will stop packaging them like that, and we'll all be better off!