Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unspillable Snacks. This is Where We Are.

Sometimes, I am flipping through a magazine, and I see things that pretty much make my head fly off. This was one of those times. I retrieved my head and thought I would blog about this new cutting-edge snacking food miracle product. It's snacks... in individual cups... with a membrane over it that kids can reach through and springs back into place - well, here it is:

"Magic, Less-Mess Munchcup! Our sweet and savoury nutritious finger foods are all served in the unique anti-spill, MUNCHCUP – which means your child embarks on an adventure in independent eating every time they tuck in... and there’s less mess for you to clean up! LESS MESS ON CAR SEATS, PUSHCHAIRS AND CARPETS!

"Healthy, convenient and less mess...... now there’s a helping hand for busy parents."

This is a British product, and I am hoping it does not make the trip over here anytime soon. The magazine blurb assures me we WILL see it soon. In fact, their quote is "similar snacking tech." Snacking tech? We need tech in snacking? Oh... I see... I get it. We're very busy. Kids are messy. Our minivans and SUV's get trashed because we would rather use "snacking tech" than actually attempt to encourage our kids to be neater or have to spend time cleaning up after kids we knew would be messy when we had them. I don't really recall this being a problem in the backseat of our metallic green Plymouth Duster. We were fairly neat. We also didn't always have to keep snacks around at every moment of every trip to keep us happy and behaving. We actually knew we were supposed to behave automatically. Shocking, I know. Unheard of. It's so much more convenient to use plastic upon plastic to keep our lives clean. Kids? Vacuum? Unheard of!

KIDS ARE MESSY! Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's not, but it IS a certainty in life. If you are so anti-mess, perhaps you should re-think the whole reproducing thing. Seriously. It's part of having kids. Maybe... you know, just maybe they don't need snacks at EVERY moment of every day on every trip anywhere. Maybe they can NOT have to be quieted with snacks, maybe instead of giving them snacks every time they whine, maybe we can watch Supernanny instead. I don't know. I of course don't have kids (because they're messy, see?), so naturally I have no idea what I'm talking about. Kids are hard. Shut up, GG, you'd want convenient snacks too if YOU were a mom.

Uh huh.