Thursday, May 19, 2011

Famous for Nothing, Richer Anyway

I'm not a shoe-whore. Oh, I love me my boots and suffer a lot of boot envy, and I'm not turned OFF, per se, by shoes... I just don't feel the need to have a whole ton of them. I don't faint in DSW or Off Broadway. I like to go in, but generally it's just when I need to replace a pair that has worn out. Because of this general attitude, I was not paying much attention to This is a site by one of the oh-so-famous for no-reason-whatsoever Kardashian sisters. I guess it's been around for a few years. It JUST got a major investment infusion of 4 million dollars. For those of you good, cool people who aren't aware of this stupid company, here's the nutshell... apparently, you sign up, handing a credit card over before you even see pictures of shoes, and you are given a "personal selection" from someone who tailors the choices right to you (uh huh), and for this $40/month you get a pair of shoes that you pick from that selection.

Why should I care? So what if people buy shoes? $40 for a pair of shoes may not be bad. Unless they are super-cheaply made crap shoes. I'll tell you why I care. Because I suspect they ARE cheap pieces of crap, from the looking-around I did, and they break easily so they'll just get tossed, and they are mostly made in China, who knows if by exploited workers or what. I care, because aren't we supposed to be stopping this kind of thing, rather than throwing money at it? Aren't we supposed to be moving towards fair trade and quality? Did I miss a point?

(I think all I missed was greed. I generally miss that.)

I hesitated to even talk about this, because, you know, I hate to publicize things that suck... but then the whole needing-to-make-good-people-aware-of-the-bad always overrules. MY PEEPS! Call to action! WHAT can we do in the face of this line of crap?? Cuz I'm at a loss. All I can think to do is write about it. And not use the site myself, of course, but my not sending $40 isn't going to do much in the face of the 4 million dollars. Karma? Anyone? Anyone???

Guess we just sit back and continue to be annoyed by this stuff. Geez, I gotta get famous so I can fight on a level field.

Hee hee.