Monday, July 1, 2013

Convenient Smoothie, Juice Not Included

In line with the "Are you kidding me" theme of the week... Did you know you can just buy a plastic container with *some* smoothie *stuff* in it, keep it in your freezer, then just add juice and shake when you want a smoothie?

Dole makes "Dole Shakers - fruit & yogurt kit." Yogurt, with pre and probiotics. (I'm working out in my head how these live cultures survive the freezing while staying potent. I guess they hibernate. I'll go with that.)

It's not a packet, a plastic pouch, or an additive of any kind. It's an actual giant-ish plastic THING that you happily discard after one use. ??? Is it me?

I mean, at the very least, if you are in such a hurry, mash up your FRESH fruit before-hand and put it in the freezer and make your own. I'm guessing that is just a little too "not-easy." So, these are healthy and relatively inexpensive. But the waste-plastic is mind-boggling to me! Unless you plan on reusing every single one of these for something else (even possible???) - then there is NO excuse for this kind of waste. Oh, and don't even say, "Well, we thrown them in the recycling bin." We know where that gets you with me. We know the truth.

This is a plain simple, downright, completely irresponsible product. PERIOD. Completely and totally. Just absolutely horrific. They cannot be condoned. This is another one, if you see someone drinking this, feel free to slap it outta their hands then slap them upside the head.

Why, yes, I do practice a lot of restraint when out in public, why do you ask?