Monday, July 1, 2013

Are you kidding me with this?

It's almost enough for me to believe that someone has done an elaborate *punk* on me. Because I cannot really believe this product has come to exist in the world.

Hormel Rev Wraps. "For Those Who Are Hungry." "To Keep You Going Strong." "Real Energy to Do More." Look, I am sure these are perfectly delicious snacks. But even if I felt like looking past the dizzying array of preservatives and GMO soy ingredients, even if I cared to ignore that part, I have to scream about the wasteful packaging. I mean, WHO can't make THIS:


Never mind that you can buy all that stuff separately and make them up in pretty much two seconds flat for a heckuva lot cheaper. Do we really need to have this much "convenience"?? Are we that lazy? Do we have so little time to prepare something for our kids that doesn't come one single serving in a non-recyclable plastic wrapper?? Horrifyingly wrong direction, this. 

I guess all I can do is hope that this product does not remain very popular. I know enough from past experience to not actually expect that, but, eh. Hope springs eternal. You hereby have my permission to smack this thing out of the hand of anyone you see eating one. Really. Just tell the cop that Good Green Witch said it was in the name of Mother Nature. And it's not nice to piss off Mother Nature.

Just so unnecessary. The fact that it would be so easy and so much more economical to buy a bunch of tortillas, meat, and cheese to slap these together yourself...