Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Now we're just makin' stuff up.

L'OREAL Paris wants us to "Go beyond clean." Their brand-spankin'-new product, "go 360 Clean (tm)" Deep Facial Cleansers come with "The Scrublet (tm)". The Super Soft Scrublet (tm) conveniently pops right on out of the bottle. Each and every bottle. New bottle, new Scrublet (tm). Because, really, you need a new little piece of plastic with each new bottle; that last one might have too many yuckies on it after a few weeks. The completely disposable Scrublet (tm) alarmed me enough at first glance, but then thinking about it more alarmed me more. LOOK at it. It's so hip and cool in its design... so fresh, so now, so fun... they obviously put a lot of thought into it. Best of all, if you notice, it cuts down on the amount of product IN the bottle. BRILLIANT! But you don't even think of that when you look at it because it's so darn cool and hip and convenient.

Soooo... not only are we tossing out all these little (completely unnecessary) Scrublets (tm), we're buying that many more bottles of the stuff because less comes in each bottle.

This is a clear case of a product to REJECT. Of course, all the un-sold bottles and cases etc will end up in a landfill anyway (the Good Green Witch has been in a bit of a "glass-half-empty" place lately, sorry), but perhaps we can show these companies that we do not want these kinds of things, and they'll stop making them in the first place. The product motto, "Pop Out * Pour On * Go Clean" needs one more phrase at the end: Go Waste. 

Y'know, I am trying to come up with an alternate use for the Scrublet (tm), but L'Oreal has really done a good job of making it amazingly short-lived. Bravo, L'Oreal. Apparently, "go beyond clean" does not extend to the planet. Got it.