Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Swear, I'm not TRYING to pick on them...

...but Boo-Scary Thing of the Day, The Cackle-Worthy Product today, is once again brought to you courtesy of L'OREAL.

We all know make-up isn't the most Earth-friendly stuff to be found, for sure, and cosmetic companies have MORE than their fair share of polluting, animal-testing, etc. I really have no problem with L'OREAL, they have some nice products, but they do seem to be guilty of some mis-steps in their quest to rise above. Their newest bestest brightest coolest foundation comes with a nifty little roller. It's like a paint-roller. Seriously. They say we need it for flawless coverage. They say it gives us the air-brushed look we so desperately "need". They say we can't possibly be trusted with our own fingers. Our fingers might (*gasp!*) gives us streaks. Because, you know, we're just not that talented to smear make-up on after having done it for umpteen million years. Don't even THINK about mentioning a sponge. Horrors.

Nope. Now we need yet another little piece of plastic that took resources to produce, and that will float off to join the Plastic Patch in the oceans once we are finished with it. Like the Scrublet (tm) on their facial scrub, this little doodad is meant to be used only so long as the make-up lasts, then discarded. Extra-super-special bonus: each case this comes in must be bigger so that it can hold the little roller. More plastic.

L’OrĂ©al’s new True Match Roller™ Perfecting Roll On Makeup: REJECT.

"Flexible applicator adapts to all the curves of your face for even coverage"... I find my fingers are rather flexible and also able to handle the contours of my face. "It’s a whole new way to apply your foundation." Um... pretty sure the "old" way works just fine. Considering, once we hit our morning coffee or even lunch, we're messing it up anyway.... I'm OK with a little imperfection. How about you?

Again, I swear i'm not trying to pick on them. They are just making it way too easy...