Thursday, March 11, 2010

But guess who owns them?

My husband says I should start praising some positive products. I thought about it, and he's right, but there are just so darn many bad ones out there.

Today's come-on-do-we-really-need-that waste-of-plastic product is from Garnier, under their "Nutritioniste" line. Now, Garnier at first glace seems to want us to think that they are all natural and healthy... or something. They use pretty green bottles and always have green leaves or some kind of fruit around in their ads... I don't think I'm falling for it. They tout their haircolor named "Herbashine" as having bamboo extract, as though the word "bamboo" will make us forget all the other chemicals in there... But I digress.

 Garnier Skin Renew Brusher Gel-Cleanser, "clinically proven" to have "deep pore cleansing action", is a convenient bottle with a built-in scrubbing brush. Again... every time... new bottle, new chunk o' plastic stuck on the top. Plus an extra-large cap to cover it.

I applaud their innovation to try to get women to buy this product, something special to set it apart from all the other skin cleansers out there --- wait. No, I do not. This is unnecessary. Just more plastic for the landfill and the ocean. In researching it, I even found a review of someone who tried it, but then liked the gel but not the brush, so just squeezed out the gel onto her fingers anyway. Sigh.

REJECT. Just buy a much healthier naturally-made bar soap. Gently use a loofah. Those are completely natural and mightily compostable/biodegradable.

Oh... and to answer the question in the heading: L'Oreal. Of course.

It's just too easy.