Monday, December 14, 2009

Green Gifts: Day 8

Got a cook in the gift pool? Then a great green gift for them in an herb garden!

You can find kits for them everywhere. You can grow them anywhere. From a New York apartment to a Los Angeles condo and all the homes in between... all herbs need is a windowsill and some sun. Get your friends and family in the habit of cooking with fresh herbs (an especially nice thing to have handy in cold winter months), and maybe they'll be inspired to grow their own outside come Summertime.

ChiaPet? No... but the Chia Herb Collection is actually a very nice gift. Seriously! But if that makes you shudder, feel free to find others. This is another chance to put a nice basket together, as well. Almost any gift, especially the green kind, makes a nice presentation in a basket. Throw in some gardening gloves and seed packets to encourage planting in the Spring.

Gift yourself while you're at it with this one!