Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Fine Line

I try to be green. I'm far from perfect at it, that's for sure. I try to lead by example. I try to give out information and helpful hints. Above all, I try to not be annoying about it.

Am I succeeding? Should I care about that? Is this issue bigger than my concern that I get on anyone's nerves?

It might seem weird or contrary to the movement, but I tend to stay away from other "greenies". The ones I do meet are few and far between, and very cool. See, a lot of people in this area of interest annoy ME. And besides, I don't need to convert THEM. And they don't need to preach to me. Yes, I can learn things from them, and I do; but, by and large, I mostly avoid. This has its drawbacks. I become overwhelmed with the apathy of people. Being around greenies would probably be soothing some of the time. Or would it?

We tend to be a little preachy, I know. We give disapproving looks. We might come off as a little holier-than-thou. I swear I try to not fall into that. I'm just frustrated, and I have a lot of information to share! And I care! Is that so wrong? Sometimes I want to grab people by the collar and shake them, "Don't you see what's happening? Why are you still using double-bagged plastic bags at the grocery store?? Don't you know better yet???" But I don't. That would be unseemly. Is there going to come a time where we NEED to do that? Is the cause so noble that we should be willing to be a little... annoying every so often? Or do those methods backfire, and turn people off from our lessons?

It is a fine line. I'm not sure how well I'm walkin' it myself. I know I feel as though I am not doing enough. It's a huge thing to tackle, after all... saving the world n'at. And maybe if I stopped worrying about offending people and worried more about the planet, then I wouldn't be so frustrated! What's that about the little tiny earthquakes we don't really feel, relieving the stress so the big ones don't happen... maybe we should let our little quakes out more so we don't blow up at the wrong time, and too much at once. Nothing was ever gained by hiding the light or doing things halfway, right? Hmmm... 2010, what can I do with you?

OK, that's off my chest. I promise, more easy green tips will be coming your way.