Monday, December 14, 2009

Green Gifts: Day 12 - in Summary

The economy sucks. We need to be more frugal. Frugality works well with Green. Start with THIS holiday, and keep it as tradition. Make it contagious. BE the change. Be the example. Actually, in our family, we've stopped giving gifts altogether, and focus on a lovely meal and time together. It takes a lot of pressure off an already hectic time.

If you got a late start this holiday, or you just couldn't pull it together, or you had already gotten all your gifts already, then start planning for next year. It's never too early. Start planning the garden so next year can be a holiday of preserves or cooking oils steeped with your own home-grown garlic or herbs, sealed in pretty re-used bottles. Start sewing or knitting or making pottery, whatever your interest, to have hand-made gifts for next year. Get together with your friends once or twice a month, and encourage each other. Keep the new Green ways going all year. Plan ahead. Look around all year for great green gifts, not just at the holidays. You'll be amazed at what you see with your newly opened eyes!

But mostly, for this year, for right now, just make sure you're not being wasteful. Use these tips I have given you, or go with another idea you might have gotten while reading these. Do a little research. It's so easy to give green that there's almost no excuse not to! I take that back: there's NO excuse not to! Even with kids, think about what you are getting them, and realize that quality trumps quantity every time. Teach them valuable lessons. We didn't have a ton of money when I was little, but we had more than enough, we did not want for things, and I had wonderful gifts under the tree every year. Kids do not need 50 presents. Teach them the value of things. This is their Earth. They'll want us to make it a good place for them.

And, Happy Holidays... I hope you enjoy them more and more each year...