Friday, December 4, 2009

Green Gifts: Day 4

Let's hone in on a specific gift today. Jewelry always makes a nice present, and you can be green with that as well. You can find lovely things at fair-trade stores, such as Ten Thousand Villages ( for store locations) or at your local farmers' market. You can find beautiful things at antique stores... and of course that's green because it is something that is being reused. AND it'll be unique.

Recycled product jewelry is also all the rage! These are super-cool, super-cute items that don't just look pretty, but also raise awareness. Your gift-person can then go out in the world proudly sporting the jewelry and raise even more awareness. Look at Green with Envy ( for some good suggestions and ideas!

You'll be the hit of the gift-giving crowd by being the green-gift giver! (Say that 3 times fast, I triple-dog dare you) Hopefully you're starting to get some great green ideas of your own... :)

This was a quick one, but it really is THAT easy.