Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Can't Go On - Ultimate in Lazy

There are some products out there that still, with all I've seen, still cannot believe. Still. It's me. I need to not be surprised by stuff anymore.

Easter eggs. Fun for kids! Fun even for adults! I used to love it! With a little tiny bit of extra effort, it can even be a very natural process. And when you actually EAT the eggs... well, there ya go.

Who has time for all that?? Spending quality time with the kids before a major holiday? Hell no! There's WAY too much to do. That's not why we had kids! To spend TIME with them? Doing something as silly as coloring eggs? We have to work! We have to cook, clean, bust ass for visiting relatives! Coloring eggs? Oh would that we could do that, but it's so MESSY and we already have SO much cleaning to do already!

Never fear! Convenience is here!

For only 6 bucks, just a few bucks more than really good organic eggs, you can get them already colored, safely ensconced in plastic, no muss no fuss!

That's pretty much it. I got nuthin'. It's too ridiculous to even go on. I'm out.