Thursday, March 7, 2013

Or, Make Your Own Damn Salad

I feel like I started out this way before....

Oh, targeted commercials. How you slay me. I have a secret addiction show I watch that I'll talk about more soon - the commercials are priceless!!! Here's a good one...

Lean Cuisine Salad Additions! "Take your lettuce from drab to fab!" And of course they recommend packaged "lettuce". Probably also by Nestle. I knew I wasn't gonna be too happy about these the moment I saw the commercial. The first time. They played it enough during my secret-shame-show that it really stuck in my head.

Find it in the frozen foods aisle. Guessing you need a microwave around for the chicken etc part. If you count the packaged roughage, you got a cool 4 plastic bags for your lunch.You might even top it off by using a plastic fork. Hey, why not? May as well go balls out, you know?

Holy crap, the ingredients list on this stuff is... long. Preservatives and added sugar. Yum. You could, um, of course, MAKE your own stuff, pack it in little bowls, and have THAT for lunch. If you're at home with this.... well, you are probably way beyond my help and any hope anyway, so I pretty much have nothing to say to you at this point in time except your kids and their kids will pay piper, mine won't.

Nestle hasn't priced these very high, and with a sale and a coupon, people can really stock up. Clever, clever Nestle. AND you got them buying Fresh Express lettuce products, too. You know, while you're at it, why WASH lettuce when you can just buy it already cut up and stuff? That's so inconvenient. OH - here's a good one... since you don't want to bring that entire plastic bag to work, bring just part of it in a Ziplock, thereby increasing your plastic track up to FIVE bags!

You know, it's possible to GET this STUFF yourSELF and put a salad TOGETHER for lunch that doesn't involve so much PLASTIC. I know, I know, that takes so much TIME. This is so much EASIER. Screw the future, who cares, we're too busy to be concerned by such little insignificant things.