Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Trying to be green has its own set of conundrums. For instance, you've purchased things in the past that you now realize are not very green. What to do?

One eco-nundrum I have is my past affinity for nail polish. It may seem like such a tiny thing... all those little bottles... but they really are considered hazardous waste. All those chemicals! But so pretty! So... OK... I don't buy more ever again, not even the so-called environmentally friendly kind, but what about all the bottles I already have? Nail polish is fun but far from a necessity. Yes it's pretty, and I always compliment cool nail-artwork when I see it on people. But all those chemicals! Do we encourage the cessation of use? It's not something that will ever go away; too many people like it too much.

How many have actually used an entire bottle of nail polish? I actually have come close before, but mostly I, like many others, have a million partially-used bottles. Knowing what I know about it, I sometimes feel like if I wear it anymore, I'll be judged as a Terrible Not-Green Liar Person. Which is kind of funny because that's not what comes to mid for me when I look at other people's nails. OK, well maybe the second thought. No. Kidding. Mostly.

I want to use my old nail polish. Isn't that the greenest thing to do? Use it? It's already here in my home... I can get it to hazardous waste, but wouldn't just using it up be OK too? What about the nail polish remover? I have that too, from days-less-green-gone-by. Use that too. After all, haz-waste has a lot to do already.

Such an econundrum for the Green Witch. Because, even right now, my pretty pretty dark green nail polish beckons to me....