Monday, June 4, 2012

Better Bottle? Nope - Still Plastic

BPA-Free. Part plant material. LESS plastic than our competitors.

No, it's still toxic.
This has been discussed here before. Of course, nothing has really changed. Oh, wait, yes, it has. Now the cool kids have bottles without BPA. You know what? They are still plastic bottles. I don't get it. It's like, "Oh, we fixed it, plastic's all better now, you can safely use it!" - until they figure out which OTHER chemical in plastic is leaching out into everything, now that they took the BPA out. Why are we so easily fooled? Lulled back into our little cocoon?

IT'S STILL PLASTIC, PEOPLE! It still does not get recycled (rarely), it still does not break down (ever), it still ends up in the oceans. It will still be here for your grandchildren's children to see. Are we that easily distracted from the real issues? It's still made from petroleum. It's still harmful. Remember not so long ago when BPA was EPA approved? What next? What lovely little chemical will come out of plastic next? How about we just ditch the single-use plastic altogether? Will society fail? Will we lose progress? Will we revert to cave men?

I think we're safe.

There's that new ultra-slippery stuff out of MIT they are now talking about putting in ketchup and mayonnaise bottles, that lets everything slip right out. That has all EPA-approved things in it. Um, see above. I can't wait to see what we say about that stuff in 5 years. It might not matter so much in 10, when we are so caught up in how much cancer and behavioral/developmental issues are all over our kids.

Go ahead and ask why, in 10 years. Why do our kids have cancer? Why are our kids dying? Why are our oceans dying? Or, we could think about it now and try to keep it from happening (as fast).

I know. It wouldn't be convenient to do that. Carry on.