Monday, January 2, 2012

Do I Even Need to Point This Out?

"Kimberly-Clark is looking to shake up the toilet-paper accessory category with toilet roll covers from designer Jonathan Adler.

To boost awareness about a new formulation of its Cottonelle toilet paper that it says is 30 percent stronger, Kimberly-Clark Inc. decided to forgo traditional advertising. Instead, it's offering limited-edition boxes to hide your backup rolls. Who knew you needed such a thing?

It's the latest effort by consumer product makers to spice up stagnant categories with eye-catching design." 

'Cuz, you know, toilet paper needs shake-up.

I cannot figure out if these are made from paper or plastic. I guess I'll have to check them out in a store. Either way... Sigh. Really? I mean, come on. One more stupid thing to collect dust and to throw away when you get tired of it. Totally not necessary. Can we stop? Can we stop coming up with pointless crap and get back to the important stuff? Who buys this???

Are they made in China? THAT would be the icing on the cake.