Monday, January 2, 2012

Time to Try Soap Nuts

Laundry is done. Well, OK, the laundry hamper is empty for at least an hour, anyway. Give or take. Good second day to the year.

Have you tried soap nuts yet? Why not? Does the "nut" part freak you out? Do you need your laundry to smell like fake fragrance and chemicals, instead of nothing at all? Can you just not wean yourself from the liquid stuff? Stuff in plastic jugs? What do  you do with all those jugs, anyway? Did you know you can throw the spent soap nuts in your yard where they can just quietly bio-degrade? Can you do that with your plastic jug? I triple-dog dare you. Even with the smallest possible container, aren't you still just left with a plastic thing and chemicals in  your clothes and on your skin? Even the most "natural" brand... what's in it? Have you looked? Will you now? Do you think your clothes are cleaner than mine? Don't you think Mother Nature would give us whatever we need, that we don't need to MAKE stuff like this?


We were ordering our soap nuts from a place in Canada, until I discovered a wonderful little local company. (Well, local for now) Eco-Nuts has really high quality product, you can visit to look at all their great stuff! I encountered the company at a green event, and I contacted Mona about getting a sample. She sent over the "nuts" (they aren't really nuts, they are the shells, but whatevs, right?), which were definitely of the quality that was promised. She also sent some liquid detergent. I had never tried that, but I loved that it came in a little recyclable aluminum bottle. Their products don't come in plastic, and I love that. I have been using the nuts, so I did not get around to using the liquid. Today, I found it and thought, well, why not. It's a tiny bottle; I figured it was just a sampler size. That's a quarter there in the picture. The cap is about as big around as the coin. SO, how much of this do I dump in? I looked at the instructions... ONE little tiny cap-full! That's it! Less for an HE machine. Which, in an apartment, I'm lucky with the crap machines in our laundry room.

I think I love the liquid stuff. I'll keep on with the nuts themselves because I love those too. I love knowing the are made by Nature, and clean my clothes gently and leave less pilling and NO smell.

Hit up Mona at Eco-Nuts. Tell her Good Green Witch sent you. Hopefully, you'll try them and never go back.