Friday, August 26, 2011


I haven't blogged in awhile. I really, really want to. What happens when your every-day life, your strive to pay the bills, takes away from your desire to get the word out? To be green? To talk? To follow your passion?

Dunno. I guess... you change? We recently went back to my hometown in rural-ish Western PA, and I remembered what I really wanted life to be like. A big garden. Hands-on stuff. A fireplace. Crickets and cicadas at night. A slower life. Nature close at hand.

We are re-examining a lot of things right now. I'm still going to be way to stupid-busy with the petty stuff, and I hate that, and it chips away at me every day, but I'll try to hold on to the good stuff. Forcing myself to be HERE on this page more will help.

Welcoming comments below on how you deal with it, Readers.

Blessed Be.