Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hey, Slob, Did You Know Your Washer Stinks?

Thank you, P&G, for pointing out yet another problem that never used to exist. And thank you, especially, for giving us a miracle product to combat this new problem.

Yeah. Did you know your washer stinks? In fact, the worst offender is that super-pricey uber-amazing HE machine on which you spent thousands of dollars! Yes, it is particularly susceptible to the Stinks! Oh my! What to do? Fear not, Bad Housekeeper, we have chemicals for that.

It's not enough you have to shell out mega-bucks for Tide. It's not enough to have a high-efficiency washing machine. Nope... these thing will not ensure that you ahve a stink-free laundry room. Apparently, Tide alone will not keep everything smelling good. No, apparently, we are now in danger of some horrible residue building up where, for decades upon decades and washing machines used for years without incident, there never was a problem before. See, HE machines use LESS water, so there is the terrible danger of stuff not getting washed away. So now we need Tide Washing MACHINE Cleaner! To use more water to clean the machine! Thankfully, Procter & Gamble is around to provide this! SHEW!!!

I could not find exactly WHAT chemicals are in here from my casual search. I do know there were bad reviews for it on their page and they did try to answer away or deflect them. I do know they say that everything must be removed from the machine and this product shouldn't actually TOUCH any clothing. Some sort of "powerful oxygenated bleaching system"... hmm, sounds fancy. I know it leaves a fake fresh clean scent behind to reassure you that all is well and the Stinks are gone.

What I suspect is that this is another case of creating a product for filling a niche that 1) they kinda sorta made up and 2) could be fixed, if it DOES exist, by much more natural means. Cheaper mean. Say, like, white vinegar. Or baking soda. (Not at the same time, of course) But here, they suggest you 1) waste water and 2) use chemicals. I'm not surprised. Well, I was. But only for a bit, then I moved quickly to dejected resignation. Yes, this product will sell. It will sell very well.

Ya got us again, P&G. You clever dogs, you. I tip my hat. And I'll be waiting for my smelly-dryer product next. Oh yay!