Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day Cometh

So... Earth Day approaches. People ask me what I am doing for Earth Day. Hm. Honestly... nothing very special. Every day is Earth Day to me. I try to be as concious and responsible every day as I can. It's like Valentine's Day; I don't love my husband more on a day set aside on the calendar. I love him more than the previous day and not as much as the next, and it's the same for me and Earth Day.

imgres.jpgIs it a good thing, though? YES! It's a very good day. Any day that we can raise the awareness of anyone out there is a good day. If people feel they can be a little bit better for at least one day, that's cool. Yes, have the celebrations and have the special events and do everything you can. At least it's one occasion where there will be no plastic trinkets to commemorate the day, like St. Patrick's Day with funny throw-away glasses and hats and beads etc. Or the new year celebrations with throw-away noisemakers and glasses. (what's with all the glasses??) Or Easter. Or Mother's Day with all the cards and food-wastage. Or the above-mentioned Valentine's Day with even more plastic. Yeah... at least we can celebrate this day with more focus on LESS waste. Let's keep it that way. If the time comes that I see a flashing-light pin shaped like a leaf or even the Earth to mark this day, that will be the time I will lose it for sure. I wouldn't put it past anyone, though. Gotta make that buck on cheap plastic Chinese imports....

Yes. Earth Day. It's great it's such a big deal now, but I'll be spending it the way I spend most other days... loving Nature and lamenting its ruin.