Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's wrong with just buying spices the "old" way?

OK, seriously???

McCormick, you got great spices. Normally, I do not buy your product anyway because I opt for the less expensive brands, but all in all, you're a decent company. Glass bottles, quality stuff. So why'd ya have to go and sully that image with this new product? (oh... yeah... profit. I forgot.)

Amazingly convenient new packages! Fun and easy! Pre-measured! Really? Have we gotten that bad at cooking? Apparently. McCormick now has Recipe Inspirations, complete with little plastic bubbles of pre-measured spices and a handy recipe on the back. I find these more than a little disgusting. Insulting, even. Should I give them props for encouraging home cooking? I'd like to, but I can't. This really is just more needless packaging and wasteful plastic. This ain't rocket science. It's cooking. By all means, pass up the fast food and cook a healthy meal at home, but I say REJECT this product. It's not so difficult to have a nice collection of spices that can be measured out at any time. These aren't a lot of products that you would not want on hand in a bigger selection anyway. They aren't terribly exotic or hard to find. They are just spices, but now marketed to the people who find they need convenience to live. I'm sure there is a great market out there for this product, but I really wish there wasn't. I really wish we would all just pass this latest ploy at time-saving right by. We need to get back to doing things the right way as opposed to the convenient way. These little plastic blister-packs will end up in one place: the ocean.

Stop. Just stop. Stop right here, right now. If we buy into this, they'll just keep going with more of the same. Please buy your spices in the bulk manner that we are accustomed to; or, go a step further by growing some of your own parsley, basil etc, even if just on your windowsill in your apartment. There is no need for this product, and no redeeming feature. Reject.

But please keep cooking at home. :)