Sunday, February 19, 2012

Waste of Resources - Waste of Life

Sooooo many questions on my mind this weekend. The following is harsh. Maybe it's where I live. But sometimes, I just look at someone and think, "Damn, why does that person have to be taking up MY resources?"

You ever feel like that? I'm surely not talking about someone sick, or infirm, or handicapped - no, no, no!! Nothing like that. I'm talking about those people who don't give a crap outside their own little circle and their own well-being. People who can't think beyond their own nose. The entitled. Those who don't think twice about the double-plastic-bag even though the rest of us are all screaming at the tops of our lungs about it. With their plastic bottles and nary a second thought. No, nary a first thought. Do those people ever get to you?

Imagine if we had listened then, where we would be now.
They get to me. What's the point to life if you are not working to make the world a better place? If you are not enjoying your time here? If you are not making a positive contribution to the race? WHY are you here?

I know, I know, I need to move to where people are less all about themselves... and their cars and hair and clothes and.... blah. What's the answer? Will people ever change? Can we change them? Do we try? Do we just hang around like-minded people instead? That can't be right, then we wouldn't have any impact on those around us. It has to be a balance. We need to be able to run to our groups, I guess, when the rest of them get to be too much. Balance.

I feel like we really really lack balance these days. It's like... it's like it's all or nothing. Full force. Full speed. Full time. I'm not sure what the point to that is. Again, if we aren't enjoying the ride, why are we on it?

Let's start asking random people that very question. When someone is whiny or complainy or just plain miserable to be around - I mean, constantly, not when someone is just having a bad day - let's ask that! Oh, hell, let's just ask it all the time! MAYBE - and I know this is quite a stretch here - maybe people will stop to think. Just a little bit.

It's a start. Even if it just makes ME a little less crazy. Ha.