Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's a Choice

OK, back to the business at hand.

We make choices every day. I have chosen to have a glass of wine this evening. I choose to not use plastic any more than necessary. Some people choose to use single-use bottles, plastic throw-away bags. It's a choice, right? I choose my thing, they choose theirs. We all go our own way, right?

Wrong. When someone's choice is to the detriment of the rest of us, it is no longer just their right to go their merry way, is it? If someone is choosing to waste water, that hurts us all, does it not? Can we not call out those people on their choices?

The other day, I really wanted to get some ranch dressing. I love me some ranch dressing. Mmmm. Ranch. I wanted to put out veggies and have some ranch for some dippin'. So there I stand, probably quite comically, in the dressing aisle, tapping on the bottles to see which ones were plastic and which were glass. (I've long since stopped caring what people think of me in such situations.) Every single brand of ranch was, alas, in plastic bottles. So a made a choice to NOT enjoy ranch with our snacks. It was a tiny little choice. Does this choice make a difference? Well, if we ALL made such choices every time they presented themselves, then yes, it would make a difference.

Do we need government to legislate plastic bag use? Yes, because we do not make the choice to NOT use them. Apparently, we must be forced to give them up. Is that right, fair? It is what it is. People do not stop to think, to make a small choice. Could the 3-5 minutes I stood there puzzling over something as insignificant as to ranch or not to ranch have been better spent otherwise? Sure. Would it have killed the planet for me to buy that ranch. No. Could I have eventually found some in a glass jar in another area of the store? Probably. but I was over it. I survived not having ranch. LOTS of our choices, IF we stopped to make them, would be just like that. Maybe not monumental, maybe completely insignificant, but... maybe not.

It's all about the choices. Let's start making some, shall we?