Saturday, March 26, 2011

Human or Cow?

I finally figured it out. It's not the preaching. It's not the superiority. It's not even the intolerance. I can pretty much handle that from Militant Vegans. But I finally did figure it out what it is that does bug me.

Before I go on, let me be specific. I do not hate vegans. I eat meat. I'm not gonna tell anyone what they should eat, so please don't tell me what I should eat. I'll encourage better habits, sure... but I don't insist. I wish you would not waste water because that does affect me, but I won't insist. I don't keep Kleenex in my home, but if you have them in your purse, I won't object. (Out loud, anyway.) I may scorn your for your plastic water bottle, and offer you an alternative... well, OK, that one, I might get a little strident on, but generally, most people know how I feel about stuff and so I am content with letting their own consciences be their guide. I'll be the little voice whispering in the ear. But I won't preach to your face. If you ask, I will tell. And I certainly won't tell you, Random Vegan, that you should eat meat. So don't tell me I shouldn't. I admire your commitment to a better planet, but please just co-exist with me and don't preach. I know it. Go ahead and give me that look as I peer over my In 'n' Out burger. It's still yummy. So, no, I have NOTHING against vegans. I have vegan friends. (Well, maybe not after my radio show dated 3/26/2011!) But I cannot be around the militant vegans.

Why? Here it is: because they are not all-inclusive in their compassion. (Am I making broad sweeping generalizations? Of course. But it's my blog. I can do that.) The militant variety them will look right past a human in need to rescue a Kobe Cow from its existence. Kobe Cows do NOT need rescued. We should all live so well. THAT'S why it bugs me, that's what it is about them. There is so much human suffering out there, and yet they have made the choice to worry about someone eating an egg that a chicken was going to lay anyway. If they were so overflowing with compassion for their fellow creatures, why not humans? Maybe it's my point of view. Maybe I'M the one being intolerant. Aren't we all trying to save the world? Aren't we all in the same mindframe here? Maybe they have just chosen different battles. I feel like some of them will say, "Of course I'm not going to help THAT guy. He had his chances. He had his choices that he made. These poor defenseless animals didn't have a choice. I would rather help them." I say back: To what end? Why bother making the planet a better place if that homeless guy on the corner is still going to be homeless and hungry?  Can you promise me that once the last animal is saved, that you will give a shit about that guy? I am tempted to think your opinion will not change much, and you'll still feel no compassion for him, and that you'll still snort derisively and say, "He had his chance."

And, then again, I could be WAY off base. These are just the musings of a person who has time to reflect on too much while driving the same route home from work every day, seeing the same sights, having way too active an imagination. Some could say, well, what are YOU, Green Witch, doing for that homeless guy? Why should you be able to say anything about THEM when YOU aren't doing anything either?

Easy: I am not preaching compassion towards all things living while ignoring the guy down the street. Maybe I'm no better. No, strike that, I definitely realize I am no better. I'm not trying to be. I'm just trying to be a little better myself, and make the world a better place for the kids coming up behind us. Maybe I was completely incoherent in this, hey, feel free to take shots at me, point out where I was wrong, whatever. I can handle it. These things come up in my head and I write them. I'm just venting. The wonderful good people I know who actually are vegans don't understand when I say that, as a meat-eating greenie, I am put down by certain groups of vegans. Well, of course they haven't heard that because they are on that side! Eat a hot dog and see what happens...

In the end, I really just want us to all get along. I want us to work together to save the species. Not save the planet, it'll still be here, but save the species. Because we WON'T be here if we keep going like we are. I guess I just need to write off the militant ones and put them in the same place I put the uber-religious... the uber-anything, really. Balance. We just need balance.

Which will lead me to my next post....