Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not a Smart Start

I must have been asleep at the wheel. It's the only explanation I have. Sometime, somewhere, when I wasn't paying attention, cereal got spiffy. And convenient. (And you know how much I hate that word...)

Way back when, someone realized it would be cool to sell cereal in little boxes. Hm. Convenient. Easy single-servings. Just toss a box to the kid. It was fun and fine to just eat it right straight from the box, minus the milk. A fun snack. If you wanted it the "traditional" way, you still had to seek out the milk and get a bowl all dirty.

But that wasn't good enough. Soon, we came up with this fancy way to specially open said little box and use the liner as a holder of milk, in conjunction with said box. I never tried it myself, but I suspect it proved too darn difficult for the average human. And for the kids?? Who needs an origami project when all you want is to give them some cereal with cow-juice?

So that wasn't good enough either. Never fear! Plastic is here! The cereal comes in its own perfect plastic bowl, you just throw the whole works away when you are finished! In fact, it would be nearly criminal to simply open these to snack on the stuff dry. I mean, you have the perfect container for the wet part. I can't hardly believe they don't come with a throw-away spoon. Let's make it a complete no-brainer no-clean-up. Who dropped the ball on that one?? And you still have to hunt down milk. What-up with that? Can't we make this even more convenient? Please?

If you break it down, I would suspect they become more expensive than a box of cereal. So what's the point? Buy a FULL box and put some in your own little sealed reusable bowl or cup or container. Milk has to be sought out anyway, so why not take the extra step?

Oh... wait... I know why. Because you might actually have to WASH something out after using it, and think about getting it back home or wherever. That's such a kill-joy. Besides, these containers get recycled anyway, right?