Saturday, March 22, 2014

Again, Less Plastic is Still Plastic.

Greenwashing on the grandest of scales. Using the argument that you should use this product instead of that one because this one has "less plastic, it's the smarter choice for the environment" is the equivalent of saying, "Smoke this cigarette, it only gives you a little cancer."

Yes, I am back on the K-cups. Those hated things. Honestly, they make those reusable filters for them, so the machines aren't evil... just the people who insist on continuing to buy the little plastic hell-cups even while we know better. Have you seen these new ones? Here ya go:

Cute, huh? They have a papery type filter as a bottom instead of being wholly made of plastic. Just that little top part. SO much better for the environment. Buy our coffee instead. Spend way too much, Go ahead. It's OK - it's less plastic.

It's STILL PLASTIC. And now, it's an even smaller bit of plastic which will never have any chance of EVER getting put through a recycling process - nope, it'll just end up in the ocean. Around a bird's beak, because it's a tiny little ring and it is perfectly suited to that. Or around a tiny baby turtle. Or a fish. Just floating around there in the environment, hurting maiming killing any innocent animal that comes along, because we have to have our convenient coffee. 

"It's the smarter choice for the environment." No it's not. It's just another different issue. And it's still plastic, it's still unknown chemicals subjected to boiling hot water and put in your beverage. The smarter choice is one of the many reusables they make that you can find pretty much anywhere. WIth your own tiny little scoop of coffee in it. They aren't difficult. And you SAVE money. What's the issue here? 

And I may punch my monitor if I see one more image of the idea that you can use K-cups to plant seeds. No one is using those that way in any quantity near where they are being used. Now you're just insulting my intelligence. No real human is actually doing that. Besides, everyone knows you use toilet paper rolls. :)