Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wasting Water is Weird

Have you seen this ad campaign? Here's the gist: "Wasting water is weird. It really is when you think about it—and that’s the problem. We don’t. You see, there’s this moment when using water becomes wasting water. That’s when things start getting weird. But don’t take our word for it. Just watch Rip..."

I couldn't have actually said it better myself. I love these ads. They are so true. We don't think about it. We don't think about it at all. Why is that?

Is it because water usage is so far removed from the water bill? If there were a little meter ringing up dollar signs on your faucet, would you pay closer attention? Should we start doing that? Is it too easy to turn on the faucet and zone out? Why do we take this precious resource for granted so badly?

I never complain about rain, because I know I use water, and, duh, it needs replenished. Rain means clean. Rain means life. Rain should be captured and returned to the Earth, not collected just to run off uselessly to the ocean, like it does here in Los Angeles. Flowers bloom, grasses bloom, dog-pee smells get washed away when it rains. Do you take a shower? Flush a toilet? Then trust me, you want it to rain sometimes. Next time someone complains about rain to you, tell them that they smell pretty good for someone who never showers. 

So I love this campaign and I love Rip the Drip and I hope more people see this. If just a few people think a little bit more about it, and make other people think just a little more about it... well, maybe then we won't be AS screwed as we probably will be anyway. Maybe not as soon. 

Eh. Maybe. Pass it around anyway.