Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumnal Equinox 2010 Gratitude

It's the Witch's Thanksgiving. Good time to FINALLY get back to writing, settle in, get a little better at the witchiness, focus on for what I am thankful, and plan for the coming seasons.

Tall order, huh?

Think with me: What are we grateful for? I am grateful for my family... my husband, my parents and sister, my cats, and my extended family far away. I am grateful for our wonderful home... my sunny bright kitchen where I just prepared a wonderful lunch, our serene bedroom with its perfect green color, and yes, even our TV where I watch my football! (I'm grateful it's football season again!) I am grateful for my health. I am grateful we always have enough to eat and just enough money to get through the months! I'm grateful for my radio show, which is fun and gives me a chance to meet lots of cool people. I'm grateful I have cool people reading my blog right now.

Think with me: What things do we want to bring into our life? Hmm... I want to continue to bring love and light into my life. I want to bring greater opportunities to spread the urgent messages out there regarding our planet and our fragile perch on it. I want to bring greater security to our finances so we have more than "just enough"! I want to bring an even better home, with a yard for our garden and a place to hang our clothes to dry. I want to bring travel for good reasons instead of just funerals. I want all the success in the world for my Hunny.

Think with me: What things do we want released from our life? That one is easier! I want to release false, bad things from my body. I want to release worry and stress about the petty stuff. You know, don't sweat the petty stuff, just pet the sweaty stuff? And it's all petty. I want to release my need for everyday work that is not furthering my green agenda. (I am grateful for my job!!! I am!!! I just wish to release the need for it!)

Take a moment and write a few things down for yourself, too! It feels good. And it is powerful to write these things... it helps to manifest them. I hope to not be away as long anymore; thanks for being here! I'm grateful for you!