Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get Started - Easy 1st Assignment

Winter is coming. In many cultures, it is a time to settle in, to gather in, to reflect about the coming year. To me, that seems like a heckuva good time to think about how we can be a little greener.

I'll start you off with a quick and easy one: stop using straws. This is one of my favorites and I am guilty of harping on it. (I'm OK with that, though.) Think about it: YOU use a straw. You throw it away. Seems pretty small and harmless. It's just a tiny little thing. But how many other millions of people are doing that exact same thing in this same day? That's millions of straws. In just one day. Going into the landfill, never decomposing, never biodegrading... just sitting there. And that's just the end result: think about the production of all those plastic straws. That takes energy, oil, and lots and lots of water. All that can be saved by not using straws. There are the paper wrappers and the boxes they come it... it goes on and on. All for the simple use of a straw that we never even give a second thought.

It's time to start giving these things a second thought. And third and fourth if we need to. Start with just that one simple little easy nearly effortless tip. Give up straws. It's not hard. It's a great start. Go ahead and feel good about it. You're allowed.